Mums of Anarchy

Yaz and Thugs at Tattoo Freeze togetherWith Mother’s Day fast approaching we interview Reaper Roller Girls’ mothers and daughters.  We find out their experiences and highlights of being in the team together.

Thugs Bunny and Yazmanian Devil

How long have you both been skating?

Yazmanian Devil: I started derby in the middle of October 2012, I used to roller blade when I was younger.

Thugs Bunny: I started playing roller derby at the end of October 2012, I had a pair of disco skates when I was a child, they were blue and yellow strap-on skates!

Did Yaz encourage you to join the team, Thugs?

Thugs Bunny: Yes, Yaz told me I had to do it, she was so excited about it. I was on holiday when Yaz first went to the Reapers’ training and she made me promise to go with her when I came home. I thought I was too old to join the team and just went along and I really enjoyed training. As we both learned more skills we both wanted to pass our minimum skills test and be involved with the team.

Did you do any sports or skating together before joining the Reaper Roller Girls?

Thugs Bunny: This is the first team sport we have done together, we had been surfing and wakeboarding together in the past.

You recently played your first bout together, how was that experience for you both?

Yazmanian Devil: I felt more supported because my mum was there.

Thugs Bunny: I felt nervous for Yaz and excited for her too. When we saw each other in a jam having a hard time of it, we would feel more fired up to get stuck in on the next jam.

yazheadshotWhat have been your roller derby highlights so far?

Yazmanian Devil: Passing minimum skills.

Thugs Bunny: My highlight so far is when we won the bout at the Tattoo Freeze.

As mother & daughter do you find yourselves competitive at training?

Thugs Bunny: No, I like to help her if I can.

Yazmanian Devil: Yes, when we are in opposing teams in practice.

Thugs Bunny: Yaz will be more rough with me than other team mates. We have had a couple of ‘incidents’ – I got a nose bleed when I collided with Yaz and I have given Yaz a cracking bruise on her arm when practising shoulder checks, oops!

Has roller derby brought anything special to your mother daughter relationship?

Thugs Bunny: Yes, it’s really nice to have a shared hobby. When Yaz was a teenager we weren’t very close, now that we do derby together we see more of each other, sometimes it’s like we are partners in crime! We have more in common and help each other train.

becky_chrisAuntie Psychotic and Kylie Kalashnikof

How did you get involved in roller derby?

Auntie Psychotic: It was in 2010 – My son’s girlfriend had just joined another newly formed local team and was very enthusiastic about it.  There was something about it that intrigued me and when she invited me to watch a training session I went along.  I did initially consider taking up skating myself, but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t an option for me. Instead, I became a Non-Skating Official (NSO) for the team and it went from there

Kylie Kalashnikof: My mum took me to watch, I remember thinking, “Wow”, that’s all. I was looking at was people practising laps and doing suicide slides. All this happened in 2010 and I’m still as hooked now.

What is your role in the Reapers?

Auntie Psychotic: I still NSO, and I am the HR committee lead.  I assist with the development of policies for the team and offer HR support and guidance where required.

Kylie Kalashnikof: My role in the Reapers currently is being part of the training team. Looking at training plans, team focuses and providing input regarding people’s performance. I also enjoy coaching some sessions, I’m a demon with a whistle. I am also privileged enough to lead my girls out to battle as team captain on many occasions and currently assuming the captain’s role for the Heartlands’ series.

What have been your roller derby highlights so far? What Reaper bouts have you been to together & how did it go?

Auntie Psychotic: I think we’ve been to most of the Reaper bouts together as I do the driving.  I think the highlight was Tattoo Freeze where we were not expected to win and did.

Kylie Kalashnikof: My highlights are many. Being involved in such a fantastic process as building the Reapers and assisting in getting us where we are today. Definitely proving that my girls can pull out a win from nowhere, even as underdogs. As mentioned, being captain has filled me with so much pride, even having a few tears of emotion giving my first captain talk. I have been to many bouts with my mum, she is my biggest fan and also my sponsor (kit all care of my mum). She is always the first person there with tear filled eyes, ready to give me a cuddle.

How do you spend time together outside of roller derby?

Auntie Psychotic: Most of our time together relates to roller derby, but we do manage the occasional shopping trip or night out together.  Aside from derby, I love motorbikes and biking and enjoy going for rides with my partner.

Kylie Kalashnikof: Outside roller derby, hmmm not much time for this … we definitely enjoy shopping.

Has roller derby brought anything special to your mother daughter relationship?

Auntie Psychotic: I think it has given us more opportunities to spend time together doing something we both love.  We are probably more like best friends than mother and daughter (although not sure she would agree with that).

Kylie Kalashnikof: Derby has brought us very close and to see the pride in her eyes is something special.

What would you say to anyone reading this and thinking about joining the Reapers?

Auntie Psychotic: Do it! There is room for people in all capacities as there are so many roles that people can take on within the team – not everyone is cut out to be a skater.  Everyone is so supportive and there is a great ethos and team spirit in this team.

Kylie Kalashnikof: Anybody reading this – just do it! Be involved in any way because no matter what your role, you will be a Reaper and for that you will be blessed with the best friends and comrades you can ever wish for. Reapers will have your back.

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