Roller Derby is sport played on quad roller skates on a flat track.

At the start of each jam, each team sends five players onto the track: one Jammer (point scorer), three blockers (defensive/offensive players) and one Pivot (a special kind of blocker). The players are identified by their helmet covers – a stripe for the pivots and stars for the Jammers. The pivots and blockers form a pack at the start line and the two Jammers line up on or behind the Jammer line. The Jammers’ aim is to make it through the pack of skaters and skate a full lap to enter the pack again. Once they re-enter the pack, they score a point for each opposing skater they pass legally.

A game is made up of two 30 minute periods. These periods are then broken down into two minute ‘jams’.


A penalty is given for an infraction that is dangerous to themselves or to others, or that could give them a definite advantage to the game play.  A skater will be sent immediately to the box for a penalty for 30 seconds.


  • Back Blocking
  • Using elbows or forearms to block
  • Tripping
  • Holding or pulling opponents
  • Blocking outside 20 feet of the pack (out of play)
  • Cutting the track

If a skater is in the penalty box and the jammer from the other team passes through the pack, she will still score a point on the skater in the box.

If a jammer is sent to the penalty box the opposing team then finds them with a very good scoring opportunity called a POWER JAM.  If BOTH jammers end up in the box, the first jammer will be released and the second will serve the same amount of time as the first had already sat for.

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