I can’t skate / haven’t skated for years – does this matter?

Don’t worry, we can teach you. It is a supportive and friendly environment to learn in.

Am I too old to play roller derby?

Roller derby is a very inclusive sport, come along and have a go! There is even an over 40s roller derby facebook group!

I am 17 – can I join?

No, sorry – you have to be 18 to play for Reaper Roller Derby.

I am a man, can I still join the Reapers?

Yes! We are currently building our co-ed team and welcome all genders and all abilities.

What do I wear? Do I have to wear hotpants?

Whatever you feel comfortable in, whatever you would wear to an exercise class. You will get hot, so leggings and a t-shirt are ideal (or little shorts if you prefer).

Will I get fit?

Yes. You will get out whatever you put in. It is great for your heart and toning up, there are parts that may hurt that haven’t before.  Roller Derby is a fun way to get fit, you will also have a great laugh and make friends.

Can I come and watch first?

Sure. Drop us an email first to say you’re coming.

Do I need my own kit / protection?

Yes. Roller derby is a full contact sport. You will need pads, helmet and a mouthguard. We have limited skates, pads and helmets for free hire but must be booked in advance- Book your kit here.

Is there a ball?


What are minimum skills?

It is a test set by the WFTDA for skaters to pass before they can be selected for the bouting team and are allowed to compete.

Where do you train?

Circus Unit (next to Smyths), St Davids Retail Park, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA6 8QL

What is the Wreck skate?

It is a recreational skating session, which is skating just for fun! There is no competition element. More info.

Do I have to live in Swansea?

No, we are very friendly and welcome people from outside the city!

I train with another team, can I come along?

Yes, feel free to email us beforehand to say you are coming.

Can I bring my kids?

Some of the Wreck skate sessions are open to children, you must supervise them and skate with them. To keep up to date with our wreck skates please visit our Facebook group.

Will I get hurt?

With any sport, injury is a possibility but we will teach you to fall safely and you will wear protection. If you are worried about bruises, roller derby may not be for you.

Are there any rules or can you just hit each other?

Yes there are a lot of rules! They can be found here. There are legal and illegal ‘hits’ e.g. hitting to the face is not allowed!

Where can I watch a game?

There are games most weekends across the UK. Have a look at our events page for our upcoming bouts.