Hearts, Mermaids And Zebras

For Reaper roller derby 2016 has brought us a new home. What better way to celebrate this than with our first intraleague game. So we proudly bring you our Disney themed roller derby game:




We are very excited about this game so we figured we would have a chat to the two team captains and see how they’re feeling about the upcoming game.


Having the courage to bounce back

18284_10153245260318313_6596822616831674928_nHi! I’m Sam Cro, I’m a newbie reaper, second time lucky.

My first training session with the reapers was on Friday April 4th last year. My boyfriend had introduced me to roller derby and I had been to two wreck skates before my first beginners’ session. After my first hour of Wreck Skate I fell completely head over heels in love with roller derby. I had my new skates and I couldn’t wait until I started skating with the team, it was the hobby I needed and was looking for. Something I thoroughly enjoyed and meeting new people at the same time. Friday came around and I could not wait to finish work. I was so excited! My nerves were all over the place but I couldn’t wait to put my skates on that night.

8 o’clock came and before I knew it I was standing on track with everyone, newbies and team. I felt like I was going to explode with excitement. They showed us the basics of roller derby, explained a lot of things and then it came to getting on track and skating. This was it! This is what I was looking forward too. It started well, for the first minute on track. I managed to get round half of the track before I slipped and lost my footing and landed heavily on my left leg. I heard my leg crack and crunch underneath me, I knew something bad had happened but unsure of what. I can remember just laying on the floor, surrounded by the girls making sure I was okay. I was laughing and joking, not really knowing what I had actually done. I didn’t imagine my first training session lasting all of 15 minutes. Shortest roller derby career ever! (more…)

Mums of Anarchy

Yaz and Thugs at Tattoo Freeze togetherWith Mother’s Day fast approaching we interview Reaper Roller Girls’ mothers and daughters.  We find out their experiences and highlights of being in the team together.

Thugs Bunny and Yazmanian Devil

How long have you both been skating?

Yazmanian Devil: I started derby in the middle of October 2012, I used to roller blade when I was younger.

Thugs Bunny: I started playing roller derby at the end of October 2012, I had a pair of disco skates when I was a child, they were blue and yellow strap-on skates! (more…)

New Year, New Soul?

Is exercising one of your New Year’s Resolutions but the thought of joining the gym is boring you to tears? How about taking up Roller Derby and becoming one of our New Souls?

We’ve interviewed some of our team about what it’s like to be a Reaper Roller Girl. This week we’re speaking to PyThugOras, one of our recent Minimum Skills passed skaters and referees.

How did you get into Derby?

A friend mentioned she had started training with a local roller derby team, so I looked them up and saw they were accepting new beginners. I emailed the Reaper Roller Girls and was invited to training the next night with all the kit available to borrow for the session.

I fell so much and couldn’t walk properly for 2 days afterwards but I had never smiled so much exercising, or been in such a welcoming atmosphere. I couldn’t wait to go back. The next day the Reapers were playing a bout against Oxford, so I went to watch and was instantly hooked. The game was fairly easy to understand but so fast moving and intricate. To see the girls really pushing themselves but having a whale of a time doing it was awesome. (more…)

Rookie Roller Girl to Rookie Referee

Having seen photos of a friend’s wife at training (Space Cadet), followed by a chat at a local gig, I decided that at a ripe old age of  ** that I wanted to learn to play Roller Derby. Off I went to buy the classic disco style skates that everyone begins with and a cheap pad set. After many years since I last wore skates, I was glad to find that I could still remain upright and move forward for the most part.

One year, new skates and suitable pad upgrade later, I decided that despite being a competent skater, I had a serious lack of confidence. I was too shy and I was also trying to deal with a few personal issues. It was now time to face reality: I was never going to be a Derby player. Early 2012 saw me hanging up my skates (although I declined an offer to sell them ‘just in case’). (more…)

The story so far

It’s been almost six months since Reaper Roller Girls was born so we thought we’d bring you up to date with what we’ve been doing – we’ve been very, very busy! We now have three derby training sessions and our popular Wreck Skate. 23 people have passed their minimum skills and we have started closed bouts. So how did we get this far? Let’s rewind a bit… (more…)

Tales from behind the clipboard

A friend told me about this amazing women’s sport spectacular she had been to see. She talked of women on skates and bashing and cool outfits and an electric atmosphere. Understandably, I was intrigued. So next time a local bout for roller derby came up, I was there! (more…)

A man’s adventure into women’s roller derby

From re-learning to skate to learning to referee

It all seems a bit daunting at first. I mean when you’re a kid and given roller skates the idea of wearing pads is so uncool, never mind the thought of wearing a helmet, but when you’re an adult you think the £20 combo pack is a great idea as you are not planning on falling. (more…)

Training with the Ponty Pirates

Having not skated in over 20 years, I bought a pair of skates after having my second child. I went for a skate once and found out I was pregnant with my third. I knew I wanted to get right back into skating as soon as I had her, so I contacted Nadia with the idea of getting into Roller Derby. She said to wait until I had had my baby and wait 6 weeks until I come to skating. She told me about the Wreck & Roller Skate where I could come and just find my feet again, I couldn’t wait. (more…)