Hearts, Mermaids And Zebras

For Reaper roller derby 2016 has brought us a new home. What better way to celebrate this than with our first intraleague game. So we proudly bring you our Disney themed roller derby game:




We are very excited about this game so we figured we would have a chat to the two team captains and see how they’re feeling about the upcoming game.

Tazerbeam #26, captain of Malices Wonderblams

TazerbeamAre you excited to be a villain?

Immensely so! I love Disney at the best of times so was thrilled when the theme was picked! The villains in the stories are always so mysterious, intimidating, big characters, tenacity and an amazing history! Kinda perfect for a roller Derby player!

What are you looking forward to most about the game?

It’s our first public (friends and family I know but still spectators) bout that I will be skating in. The atmosphere and camaraderie on the teams is so exciting, we’re already winding each other up! And knowing that no matter what happens I’m skating with and against people I know, respect and call family!

How do you plan to motivate your villains?

I plan on motivating the villains in a few ways, I naturally am very bubbly and energetic, I have been told it’s contagious. I am all about positivity there is no such thing as can’t, just not yet! And also we HAVE to beat the Disney stigma of the heroes always win!

Are you looking forward to hitting the other team?

Initially I had very mixed emotions about hitting the other team, as time has gone on and we have focused more and more on Champs and going 100% in training I am no longer bothered by it. They all know we mean them no actual harm, it’s just the game!

And finally, who’s going to win?

The Villains obviously! Because the heroes don’t always win! We have a fantastic and dedicated line up and best of all we have brought SlapDash out of retirement to be our LUM!


Thugsbunny #27, captain of the Little Grrr Maids

ThugsbunnyAre you excited to be a hero?

Yes I am really excited to be a hero because everyone knows that heroes are much better than villains .

What are you looking forward to most about the game?

I am looking forward to seeing how far all of our skaters have progressed since they started playing roller derby, especially as some have not been involved for very long. But I am also looking forward to our team scoring as many points as possible, but most of all having so much fun, and then of course the after party

How do you plan to motivate your heroes?

I will motivate the heroes by reminding them to focus on the skills they have learned in training and to believe in themselves and their team mates, to work together and enjoy themselves.

Are you looking forward to hitting the other team?

Hitting through the other team is all part of roller derby so yes, I do quite enjoy this part of the sport because if you can do it effectively then you can stop the other side scoring points and help your team get more points.

And finally, who’s going to win?

Heroes always win don’t they??? 😉

All of our skaters are excited for the game as it’s our first RRD intraleague game and it’s the first game for some of our recently passed skaters, Poison I.V and Screaming Hanshee so we went to see how they’re feeling.


Poison I.V #2222, playing for Malices Wonderblams

Poison I.VHow are you feeling for the game?

Really nervous but really excited to play. I don’t want to let my team down, but I know (hope?!) as long as I try my best they’ll be proud.

Are you happy that your first game is the intraleague game?

Definitely! Everyone’s so supportive and helpful. You couldn’t get smashed to bits by a nicer bunch! I’m loving that I get to play my first game in our brand new home.






Screaming Hanshee #17, playing for The Little Grr Maids

Screaming HansheeHow are you feeling for the game?

I am really excited about playing my first scrim! When I first started coming to Wreck Skate and Beginners sessions I could barely stand up on my skates, and now after lots of hard work in training I am ready to play in intraleague, so it feels like a big achievement. I can’t wait to get on the track and play, but at the same time I am very nervous! The other girls who are playing are all awesome and quite a few are very experienced so it’s quite daunting. I know I will learn a lot from playing, so it’s time to bite the bullet and play my first scrim!

Are you happy that your first game is the intraleague game?

Yes, I am so pleased that my first scrim will be intraleague. I think there’s something very special about it because there are skaters with a wide range of experiences all playing together in a friendly environment. It’s also a chance so celebrate who we are as a team. Whatever my first game was, it would be scary. I know I will fall down a lot, get penalties, feel lost, and make mistakes. That is all part of learning. It’s lovely to know that I will get a chance to step out of my comfort zone in a place where I know and trust everyone. It also means I get to skate my first scrim dressed up as a mermaid…. So I don’t think it can get much more awesome than that!

It’s always important to train refs and so we’re very excited to say that this will be Suicidal Penalties first game as a ref.


Suicidal Penalties, team Zebra

SamCro/ Suicidal PenaltiesAre you looking forward to your first game as a ref?

I’m really looking forward to my first game as a ref. I’m a little relieved it’s an intraleague game to be honest; it gives me room to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Even though it’s my first actual scrim, I’m hoping it’s going to be a good learning experience for many more games as a ref.

Are you happy that your first ref game is the intraleague game?

I am really happy my first ref game is an intraleague game. I will know everyone there and I will feel so much more in my comfort zone reffing. I think it’s the perfect introduction into reffing a roller derby game. I’m hoping I’ll gain a lot of confidence from this game and I won’t be so hesitant to ref more roller derby games in the future!



So there we are, who will you be cheering for the villains or the heroes?